About Us

To explain who we are look no further than our logo of a dragonfly that has gifted the Earth with its presence for the last 300 million years. To exist for that period of time, you need patience, vision, agility, and ultimately success.

Before a dragonfly flies or roams the sky, they spend approximately 2 years underwater eating, researching and growing. Golden Intellect was not built in a day. In the comfort of my living room, we studied the wants and needs of businesses and college students and through that we grew. With almost a 360 degree view of the world, a dragonfly can see the many strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of its environment.

Golden Intellect was founded upon it's strengths (perseverance), weaknesses (lack of capital which enabled us to make mistakes for cheap), opportunities (a societal problem facing businesses and college students that has gone unresolved) and threats (a dream not acted upon may become a fossil) that make up the business environment. With not being able to see backwards, it only makes sense that a dragonfly can fly in any direction, including backwards. Sometimes there is nothing one can do except to fly into fear itself and where the danger may be. Fortunately, sometimes that fear turns out to be air.

All of the above is important and helps but moral victories alone don't contribute to survival. Dragonflies have a 95% success rate when hunting for food. You can have the patience, vision, agility, and another characteristic you want but the most important word is a verb; to hunt. "Before a dream can be obtained, it must be chased." Zachary Thames 2011.